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Ball Valves

Ball valves control fluid flow using a turning hollow sphere or ball. A hole at the center of the ball, the bore, allows for fluid flow through the valve. When the bore aligns with the pipeline, fluid in the pipe or tank flows freely through the valve. Turning the valve a quarter turn will orient the bore perpendicular to the pipe opening, closing the unit and shutting off the flow. For this reason, ball valves are known as quarter-turn valves, which makes them ideal for shut-off applications as they operate quickly.

BI-TORQs extensive selection of ball valves is available in automated, manual, and API 607 fire-safe designs to meet the needs of nearly any application and engineered to withstand extreme conditions present in many industries.

Automated Ball Valves

Come fully assembled and tested. The product line includes pneumatic double-acting, spring-return, and electric actuators in both AC and DC voltages and two-way port and multi-port configurations. Customization is possible by adding modulating positioners, NAMUR solenoids, and other options tailored for a specific application. Materials include brass, stainless, PVC, and CPVC.

Manual Ball Valves

Come with various options, including OSHA-approved locking handles, tandem linkages, spring-return handles, and overhead chain levers. Most come with ISO mounting pads for easy retrofit automation in the field. Available in two-way port and multi-port configurations and depending on the application, limit switches can be mounted to them.

Fire Safe Ball Valves

All our fire-safe valves meet API 607 standards. Made of carbon or stainless steel, they come with NPT, socket weld, or flanged ends. Two configurations are available: Automated and Manual. The automated fire-safe valves can have either pneumatic or electric actuators. Additionally, our fire-safe valves are offered as part of a complete thermal shut-off package to shut down tanks or piping in the event of a fire.

Typical Industries Served:

  • Chemical and Plastic: For tank farms, bulk loading and unloading, chemical feed lines, and terminals are frequent applications for our valves. Our fire-safe line with Thermal Shut-off Valves is often specified.
  • Food & Beverage: BI-TORQs multi-port valves and sanitary lines are ideal for mixing, steam lines, storage tanks, and water treatment.
  • General industrial: We can customize all our valve offerings to meet the specific needs of nearly any industrial process.
  • OEM machinery: OEM fluid systems solutions including generators, industrial laundry equipment, steam lines, mixing, canning machinery, and storage tanks.
  • Oil and Gas: Ball valve assemblies in storage tanks, loading and unloading applications, generators, and fueling systems. Our fire-safe line with Thermal Shut-off Valves is often specified.

Ball Valves